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I'm MORE than just my Kids Mom.

That's what She said ...

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22 June 1973
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And so ... I'm 36 and a mom of an awesome 14 year old son Chris, 5 year old son Ehren, 4 year old son William and 2 year old Abigail! I'm a stay at home mommy and love taking care of my family in every way.

I love having fun with my kiddos, my friends, my reptile collection and even the stupid kitties who loves to scratch and bite me. My second oldest son had a stroke in utero so a lot of my posts revolve around him and his day to day doings. I love to do different crafts like cross stitch, crochet, quilt and sew, and do homework projects with my oldest. I'm a TiVo addict and reality TV whore. I like to sleep though I don't get much of it.

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May 3rd, 2008 declared Fifth Annual Childhood Stroke Awareness Day
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