Friends List Cut

I'm editing my friends list and removing the following people from my list:


Reasons being:
We've never really became friends after months of being "friends".
I've/You've never at least commented once due to no real friendly connection.
You have not posted in months, months, months.
No hard feelings meant. There was just no real love connection. :)

**If anyone else wants to take me off their friend list at this time, please do so. No questions asked. Again, no hard feelings.**
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LJ Friends

So ... I have a complaint. I'm in this community meet other moms. I've found some really cool and special friends from there. I have friends that I've made from other communities also, but this certain community is just for that, meeting other moms and then making some friends from there.

So yeah, you fill out this little bio about yourself and what not. Sorta fishing for people with commen interests and everything. People reply who'd like to try and be friends, you go through the process of adding to a friend list and everything. Then chit chat here and there, finding out about one another and getting to know them. Sounds like a cool thing right?

So how is it so cool, when someone just up and deletes you from their friend list without saying anything to you? Not even saying "hey guys, i need to make a friends cut, reply, blah blah" you know what i'm talking about. We've all beeen there, right? I mean seriously. It makes me have a bad taste in my mouth. Like you're in 6th grade again and when you go to your normal spot to sit at lunch and your best friend or group of friends laughs at you and scoots away or moves somewhere else. That kinda feeling. Like a total snob.

Whatever. It's just shitty. It makes me glad though, knowing that i'm no longer associated with that person who pulled the wool over my eyes for whatever time it may be.

Anyway, that's my complaint for the night. On a lighter note... I wanted chocolate ice cream with some chocolate syrup sauce. Eric finished it off I guess. So I cut up a banana, cut up an ice cream sandwich, sprinkled on some walnuts and a few chocolate chips and waaalaa! It's sitting in a bowl as I type, melting. I always do this. Make something good, take a few bites and let the rest rot. hehe Night! :D
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spicey hot thai soup that eric makes is the perfect way to eat and wake up on a cold day :o) <3 he sent me to bed when he got up around 8:30, so i got to sleep from 6:30-8:30 then 9ish till almost 11. now he's already maken plans for me to go back to bed after ehrens pt leaves at 1. awe he either loves me and wants me out of this sleepy state or is gonna jump my bones once i'm relaxed and in bed. or both :-D ... until later.
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am i live'n it right?

i guess ive just got all sorts of things roaming my brain as of late. i don't want to mess anything up, in thinking too much. but for some reason, he's got me at that point. is it that he just gets me? or i get him? is it though even in the silent moments, we know, what's going in with each other and whats being thought of? it's in his eyes when he gives me that devious of grins before he kisses me. it's in his unspoken words, with just that look. my mouth has gotten me into trouble over many issues before. i don't want to say something, or do something that's uncalled for, even if jokingly, to test the waters so to speak. in my rambling full throttled brain, i've already let him make a niche in my heart, i don't want to back off or slow down, yet part of me is putting on the breaks saying Hello? who is he really and what does he want with you? in the shower just now, amongst my replay of our date, and through strong feelings and thoughts, i doubted who he was and what his intentions were. it makes me sad. has everything with Rick tarnished me that much? or am i just being cautious, guarded until im sure? there were so many things i thought i knew about Rick, until my dad proved it wrong on paper through the background checks. i don't want this to happen again. a sick feeling in me, is that had things not gone the way they did, i would still be married to Rick, pretending for Chris's sake, and would have missed out on meeting and falling hopefully in mush with Eric. i need to run so i shall yap more about my scrambles later. <3
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Unless your project is mission-critical, it can wait until January. This moment is just a platform for looking backward or ahead in time. Explore now and explain later.
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